Winter Running Guide

By November 14, 2017 Store

With winter we have lower temperatures, later sun rises, and earlier sun sets. Because of this your choice of apparel for running becomes more important. One of the best methods to prepare for winter running is to use layers. Layering your clothes allows you to better retain heat, and if necessary, shed them to stay cool. Another thing to consider, especially if running in low light situations, is to wear something reflective or to utilize a flashing light. Everybody creates and retains different levels of heat during exercise, so it is important to use your experience and best judgement to gauge what you need to wear personally. Usually it’s a good idea to start off a bit cold because you’ll warm up as your run goes on. If you’re warm at the start of the run you will likely be uncomfortably hot by the end. Its also generally a good idea to start your runs into the wind if possible, so that you have the wind at your back returning. If you start with the wind at your back, you may end up warming up and sweating which can cause problems if it freezes to your skin on the colder trip back.

Base Layer

The first thing you want to wear is a base layer next to your skin. It’s best to opt for something that is cotton free. Cotton will absorb moisture and chafe. You want something that is synthetic and will wick moisture away in case you end up sweating. This Dry fit tee from Nike is smooth, soft, and breathable to keep you cool and comfortable with heavy layers on.


Mid Layer

On top of¬†your base layer, depending on the temperature, you might want to add a half-zip for added warmth. Half zips fit a bit looser and are designed to be worn over a base layer. They tend to be a bit warmer but should still be breathable and wick moisture. This Women’s Nike Element half-zip is perfect for those chillier runs. It keeps you warm while ensuring you don’t overheat. It also has a nice casual look which is perfect for your post work out plans.





The outer most layer on top should be a jacket. A jacket should be resistant to the elements. This Nike Shield jacket has a fleece-like fabric on the inside to keep you dry and comfortable. The exterior material is water and wind resistant to keep you dry and protected from those cold gusts. It’s lightweight and flexible to give you range of motion while running on those cold dreary days but still protect you from the elements. This jacket also has reflective strips for added visibility on those early mornings and late nights.








For your bottom half, something more fitted or tapered will help preserve heat better than a loose pant. At Run N Fun we carry a multitude of tights and pants that are perfect for running. These Shield pants from Nike have a wind and rain protective layer on the front side and a breathable back side to keep you cool. A fleece like material lines the interior to keep you comfortable in motion. This style comes in both a pant and tight. These are great for inclement weather or really cold temperatures. We also carry a variety of pants and tights designed for warmer conditions.


For men specifically, wind briefs help to keep you warm and cozy on those extra cold days. Simple concept, just a wind proof pouch to protect from wind and cold. A snug fit and polyester material with flat seams offers chafe-free support. It makes a huge difference, especially on windy days.


Socks are just as important as shoes! Once again it is optimal to avoid socks with cotton. Look for something with polyester or nylon or wool. These Smartwool socks are extra warm, and due to the properties of wool they’re also moisture wicking! These are great socks whether out and being active or just kicking off the shoes and putting the feet up!





We also have a variety of hats and gloves and accessories like Gortex shoes to assist with the demands of the cold and snow during the winter. If the roads get real treacherous its sometimes beneficial to add traction aids to your shoes like Yaktrax. Stop in to any of our locations for assistance with shoes or gear this winter.


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