USATF MN Circuit Results

By October 11, 2017 November 7th, 2017 Race Team

The final results for the USATF MN 2017 road racing circuit are in. Once again Run N Fun has dominated the road racing circuit series of Minnesota. Run N Fun secured first place wins for both the open Men’s and open Women’s team. The effort took a combined 15 athletes on the Men’s side and 12 athletes on the Women’s side. It was a true team effort ascribed to the collective talents of many varied athletes that specialize in different distances of racing. The USATF MN Circuit comprises 10 races over the course of the year ranging in distance from 1 mile all the way to the Marathon. Events 10 kilometers and under score 5 athletes while events longer than 10 kilometers score 3 athletes. Run N Fun also found success in the other divisions of the circuit. In the category of 40+ Men and 50+ Men Run N Fun took home second place. Run N Fun also took home second in the 40+ Women and third place in the 50+ Women. Congrats to all the Run N Fun race team athletes that contributed over the year.

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