Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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Time Machine

Looking to take a trip back to 1972? Now you can! With the book, The River Road:Becoming a Runner in 1972, you can take a trip back in time. Filled with compelling stories of runners, running, history, the 1972 Olympic Trials and the Munich Olympics, it brings to life an era in which the U.S. competed for gold in nearly every distance event. Meet world famous runners like Steve Prefontaine, Frank Shorter and Jim Ryun and many Minnesotans who trained on the river road. This award winning book by acclaimed author Dennis Barker will fully immerse you in the running culture of 1972 and leave you feeling as though you were actually living it.








Personal Deep Tissue Masseur

Everyone loves a deep tissue Massage. A deep tissue massage can also do wonders for helping you recover from hard workouts and injuries. However, seeing a professional masseur is time consuming and expensive. A more affordable alternative is the Roll Recovery R8. The Roll Recovery R8 is an award winning massage roller that athletes everywhere have been drawn to for its revolutionary design. The patented technology digs deep into your muscles like the fingers of a very qualified masseur. It also adjusts to different body sizes and specifically targets the IT-bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, shins and glutes. Its easy to use, great on tired legs, and best of all its small enough to take anywhere.







Ancient Torture Device

The Rumble Roller was ostensibly used as a torture device among the ancient Egyptians. In contemporary times however the rumble roller is used as a dense roller that digs deeper than a regular foam roller. The Rumble Roller is capable of offering more of a deep tissue massage by decreasing the surface area that penetrates the muscle. This action erodes trigger points, helps to restore flexibility, and brings quick relief to muscle pain and tightness. The roller comes in three different sizes and two different densities of foam.




Wearable Map of Minnesota

Have you ever gotten lost in the hustle and bustle of life and forgotten where you came from? Minnesota of course! This awesome tee, which lightly resembles the twins logo, will keep you humble and true to your Minnesota roots. This Nike Dri-Fit Tee is made of 100% polyester and will wick moisture and prevent chafing. Great for running or wearing around as a casual shirt.






A Taller Stature

Everyone has that one friend that wishes they were just an inch or two taller. Now we can all be exactly that. The Hoka line of shoes offers everyone an opportunity to incrementally increase their height. This Hoka Bondi not only offers a plush and extremely soft ride, it also sports a whopping 37 millimeter stack height! Next time you feel you come up just short in life try on a pair of Hokas.






Invisibility Cloak

At some point in everyone’s life, we’ve all wished we could be invisible. With the Brooks Launch 4 in the lifestyle color, you too can be invisible. The upper of this special edition Brooks Launch is designed to match the generic carpet of manifold schools, libraries or office cubicles. Compare the pictures below of the Brooks Launch 4 and a generic carpet sample. I’ll bet that most of you can’t tell which one is which! With this shoe you are guaranteed to blend in like a gecko and scoot inconspicuously into work late or out of a PTA meeting early.










Saucony Mirage

You guessed it! The Saucony Mirage is back! Not really though. Its actually a Saucony Kinvara. But with this strategically designed upper you will definitely be seeing a mirage of water as you trance down those hot roads next summer!










Nike Pegasus/Structure Shield

Made for rainy/snowy days, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus/Structure Shield running shoes feature an updated, lighter flymesh material with a water-repellent finish. The tried and true support and cushion that runners love and have come to expect from the Pegasus/Structure remain the same as the regular model. Comes in both Men’s and Women’s styles.








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